Content Management Systems

For some time now we have been dealing with clients that are relying on frequent updating of their website; adding news, editing pages etc. Before that would entail us being paid a small fee to manually edit their static website, nowadays we only create websites which are based on a CMS backend. This enables our clients to be able to update their website without any interaction from us, they can update/edit/create new pages/news items from anywhere at anytime as long as they have a web-browser and an internet connection. This saves our clients quite a considerable amount of money, though not having to keep expensive HTML editing programs up to date or training new staff to be able to use such programs.

A majority of our CMS based sites use a modified version of WordPress. We use WordPress for many reasons; its secure, its open source, its easy to keep up to date. Using WordPress for the sites means that our clients can update their site by themselves very easily on a regular basis for instance they can upload images, make news stories, update contact information etc.

Nobody needs to learn a complicated piece of software, everything is carried out through your web-browser and you can see your changes directly, before making them visible to your online visitors.

Random CMS work