Art production:

If you are a Media Artist that has some footage on:

  • Mini-DV/DV
  • Audio CD
  • or in a movie file or disc (Mac or PC)

That you would like professionally presented on the medium you require, such as:

  • DVD-5, DVD-9 (with or without DVD menu)
  • VCD/SVCD (Eastern market)
  • Mini-DV/DV
  • or in a propriety movie file (Mac or PC)

We can also convert your media for the internet in a streaming format for your website, we can prepare your material for the web in:

  • Flash (.swf or .flv)
  • Quicktime (.mov)
  • Windows media (.wmv)
  • Real Media (.rm)

We also can format your media for mobile viewing/listening in any propriety format say for the iPhone or any other mobile platform.

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