Marketing & communications

Corporate Identity Creation

A well thought out and professionally implemented visual image will remain in your customer’s mind long after a business meeting or noticing your advertising in a magazine or your presence online (website).

You always need to make sure that your company’s look & feel of its literature, advertising, website and exhibition deliver a consistent message. We offer services that can evolve or create a new way that your company’s image is recognised within the marketplace.

Many people think that corporate identity means just visual image – we tend to disagree with this and think that you need to take on board the ideas of PR and how your clients are dealt with by you and your staff. Making sure that they feel important and throuh that they give you the best kind of advertising that money cannot buy, word of mouth! When we deal with companies in the public sector we build this into our consultation service, and through this advise you on how to implement this strategy for your benefit to aid your growth and development. This all adds up to what we believe and practice as corporate identity: a way of maintaining a visual continuity through your brand/companys recognition through all of your material as well as a customer satisfaction that will keep people talking about your company.

To give you an example of Branding would be that once you have you brand visualised by us we make sure that the public continues to perceive everything from your company as from you, we wouldn’t send out a pink advert in a magazine if the colors associated with your brands colors are black and white.

This is where branding comes in, we can do this in many levels:

  • We design just your new logo and set out specific colors for your media and you do the rest in house.
  • We do a complete brand redesign, logo, page headers and business cards; also setting up line spacings and fonts for advertising so either in house graphic designers have guides or other outsourced graphic designers can follow your brand easily
  • We take full control by your guidance, do all of the above and take charge of your public image ie carry out your advertising design posters, online ads and magazine advertisements

When we take on a corporate identity job, we talk to you and find out precisely what demographics you are aiming to attract for business. Then we do some ground research to see how you are currently perceived in the market, within these demographics and also outside them as well. Then we create either a more polished version of your current brand or a new feel and vision to your old brand which is more inline with the demographic you wish to interest in your business.