Temporary installations

Quite often we work with cultural institutions, to help them realise their projects within budget with the projects goals aesthetics. No project is too small we want culture to flourish and are not like other financially hungry companies when dealing with culture, we want to get your cultural project to your public at the most financially viable price.

We also setup festival booths at business fairs, art fairs, technology fairs etc. We want your product or business to do well at these events, we aim to please and make sure you stand out from the crowd!

Some of the types of temporary installations we have carried out:

  • Short term installations in Museums
  • Art fair installations
  • Design fair installations
  • Party nights and events

Random temporary installations

  • Venice Biennale ’07Venice Biennale ’07

    We are proud to announce the completion of Adel Abidins art installation at the Venice Biennale.