Installation and sourcing of Hardware for projects:

We can install and source the hardware for your project. Whether you are just upgrading your office network or you need a custom project installation. We for instance do not have any preferred resellers of hardware, we do not earn money from selecting hardware for our clients and their projects, we make sure that we find the cheapest price on the web for buying in hardware for clients. We believe that this helps everybody, by keeping down project costs and therefore releasing funds for more projects and more possible work for us.
Some of the types of hardware we can source and install for your project:

  • Office equipment (desktops, laptops, network equipment, back-up systems, Servers, printers, scanners)
  • Projectors, Screens, interactive video panels (touch screens)
  • Video equipment (Video cameras, lighting, mic, decks etc)
  • Photographic equipment (Digital cameras, lighting etc)

Random hardware projects

  • Venice Biennale ’07Venice Biennale ’07

    We are proud to announce the completion of Adel Abidins art installation at the Venice Biennale.