Art based projects

Custom art-based projects

Quite often we work with professional artists, to help them realise their artistic vision for a project. We have worked with all sorts of professional levels of art based practice for our custom art projects, from showing at Venice Biennale to showing in a local gallery. No project is too small we want culture to flourish and are not like other financially hungry companies when dealing with culture, we want to get your cultural project to your public at the most financially viable price.

Some of the types of art-based projects we have carried out:

  • Interactive Installation pieces (MAC based)
  • Sound based installations (including surround-sound)
  • Interactive video installations (or simple loops)
  • Interactive pieces (sound and touch)
  • Installation of your project work (in case you cannot attend to install)

Random art based project

  • Cartes Flux3Cartes Flux3

    Work carried out: Capturing all Artworks for DVD creation, DVD menu creation, Online flash video web-presence of selected films, Screening DVDs: normalization of sounds. Scripting for website and layout.