Custom development

We offer many types of custom development wrapped up within our project management and consulting services.

We are strong believers of not trying to re-invent the wheel, where we do not have to, this keeps down project costs for our clients and also supports the community as well. We like to look outside of the box when shown a problem that we are asked to resolve, quite often we come up with solutions that leave people happily scratching their heads, knowing that they have been saved quite a considerable amount on project costs. We do not, like many other companies, tell our clients that a whole new script/program/piece of hardware needs to be created from scratch and charge for re-inventing the wheel for them.

Random custom development work

  • Branding and development – Taide & DesignBranding and development – Taide & Design

    Develop presence, brand, organizational outlines and product launch.
    Consultation for general outlook and public representation.
    Create magazine template and look/feel.

  • Taide & Design websiteTaide & Design website

    Custom Wordpress theme, including jQuery and other tweaks.
    Custom online member subscription (per issue, by month etc, with payment services. Custom language integration.
    Magazine issue template system (posts organised by Issue).

  • Abidin Travels installation San FranciscoAbidin Travels installation San Francisco

    We are pleased to announce the completion of Adel Abidins installation at the “Triple Base Gallery”, San Francisco.