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9 responses to “How to load plugin translation .mo files with qtranslate”

  1. Alex

    thanks for that article… i was hoping it could help me… but it don’t. I think i don’t see my mistake in this place. Working with woo commerce and on of their templates. All languages files available and can be found under …plugins/woocommerce/lanuages/ I was modifying your code to:
    if ( function_exists(‘qtrans_getLanguage’) ) { $locale = qtrans_getLanguage(); load_textdomain(‘woothemes’, realpath(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/../..’) . ‘/plugins/woocommerce/woothemes-’ . $locale . ‘.mo’); }
    But its not working. I’m so frustrated that i have to ask you for help.
    Thanks and Regards from the Med.

  2. xDk

    Dont works for me ;/
    testet several times on woocomerce, dont work

  3. Developer

    Nice Clients :D

  4. 404

    For the people having troubles, check the paths, mo files are usually named something as ‘’ but &locale will give you back only an ‘en’ flag.
    This solution is excellent, but you need to be sure you are pointing to the right thing.

    This is how I got it working with Jigoshop for a spanish-english site:

    if ( function_exists(‘qtrans_getLanguage’) ) {
    $locale = qtrans_getLanguage();
    if ($locale == ‘es’){
    load_textdomain(‘jigoshop’, realpath(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/../..’) . ‘/plugins/jigoshop/languages/’);
    load_textdomain(‘jigoshop’, realpath(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/../..’) . ‘/plugins/jigoshop/languages/’);

    Many thanks

  5. Cicero Ril

    Res Ipsa Loquitur -the facts speak for themselves!

  6. Guillaume

    Thanks a lot for this… I’ve been scratching my head during a few hours before realizing qTranslate was the culprit. Then I found this page and now everything works fine :)

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