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10 responses to “WordPress Wordbooker with custom post_types solved”

  1. shae

    Been looking for a solution to this. Thanks for sharing.

    I can now see wordbooker on my custom post type but it doesnt post to facebook. It is working fine for normal posts.

    Any ideas?

  2. Alecs


    The code did show up the custom box with the wordbooker options.

    However, the custom type post are not published on the facebook wall…

    Any Suggestions?

  3. Christopher

    Followed your advice one step at a time and it worked well. Thank you..this really saved me.

  4. Chongo

    I just tried your solution and it works great! Using the newest version (as of april 24, 2012)


  5. Musti

    It works for me! Thanks a lot you have saved me a lot of work.

  6. Chris

    Thanks, this worked exactly as promised.

  7. Jonathan

    Thanks for this tip.
    I see you now use Link to Facebook. Do you find that’s better than Wordbooker?
    I’ve been trying it out on a blog, but haven’t yet determined which is best…

  8. Crossposten op facebook | Studio dinsdagStudio dinsdag

    [...] maar ook pagina’s of zelfgemaakte post-types naar facebook te sturen. Dit vereist alleen een aanpassing in de code. Het maak het werk veel gemakkelijker, sneller en lichter. Een vorm van RSS, maar dan een die veel [...]

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