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15 responses to “HACK WordPress 3 new menu system with qtranslate menu link attribute titles (updated)”

  1. James


    thanks for the code, but have to conclude that for wp 3.0.4 (MU) and BuddyPress this code does not work, however, probably, it should, because custom menu in BP is native of WP.

  2. James

    probably will have to say sorry and withdraw my comment.
    I’m not very good in php and eng actually too, but my issue is that qtranslate does not translate titles of newly created wp menus (appearance > menus) .
    if in menu title I write [:en] … [:xx]… it will display whole code, not translation.
    Another issue is that when I switch pages/links etc…qtranslate changes language back to default.

    now I start to understand that my issues are completely other kitchen from what you are hacking with. is it so?

    sorry again!
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  3. James

    re url, I do not have working site at the moment.
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  4. F Bogdan

    Hi Boring-Group and James!

    I am doing now a project on WP 3,0,5 and I would like to ask if you have the same problem as I have. In Menu panel I am getting SorryHo sentim in the left panel with pages and posts.

    Do you have any idea how to get the translated label there also, and get rid of these ?

    thank you in advanced! and keep in touch

  5. F Bogdan

    First of all, sorry for the multiple posts with the same content. something was wrong and i coulnd´t see them.

    And again, the qtranslate lang tag were now displayed in the posts.

    and i found a solution, so you can delete all the replies.

    Thank you.

  6. Sagive

    Thanks a lot man! almost got crazy to finish a project to a clients using qtranslate on a hebrew / english wordpress site.. the menus didnt lead to the right place but you helped me a lot to achieve the solution so thanks man :) ))
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  7. Fausto Fonseca

    I just want to say… you’re the man! :)
    Now i can finish my client’s site ;)
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  8. Mia

    Hi! Tried this with Thesis 1.8 and WP 3.2.1 on a localhost and couldn’t make it work. Any other ideas on how to tweak the code… It’s 1 year since last post…
    /Kind regards…

  9. Aleksandar Jakovljevic

    Great job, works like a charm!

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