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9 responses to “WordPress 3.0 and qTranslate”

  1. Ephestione

    I just upgraded to 3.0 final, and apparently the current version of qtranslate allows to be re-enabled by a user friendly link in the notification box, which I am going to do. I mean, you you published an article regarding a manual hack to re-enable qtranslate on 3alpha, it should definitely work on 3.0 final :p

  2. Fernando Blanco

    Thanks a lot. It works again! :)
    Fernando Blanco´s last blog ..Nous perfils i salaris 2.0 My ComLuv Profile

  3. mores

    Thanks for this hack. I’m setting up a site for a client and can definately not use a messed-up CMS :)
    Now I’m sure Qian Qin (?) will fix the other issues quickly, like the post/pages list where you see the qtranslate code instead of the title …

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  6. Grace

    Thank you!!!

  7. Rizvan

    I have installed plugin qtranslate and event manager.
    In admin section i have added location in event manager with two language but in front i show this type of data on location page.
    can you please help me how to remove this extra language data.
    WP version 3.3.1
    data :

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