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17 responses to “qtranslate with thesis theme menu problems”

  1. Cecilia

    Great tutorial works great!

  2. Cecilia

    Can you please share your settings to get the rest of the buttons on your page menu to respect which language is selected? This is another common issue with thesis and qtranslate working together.

  3. rasa


    I just wanted to clear something up.

    I’m using Thesis and qtranslate on a site and the problem I’m having is that the pages buttons on the menu do not pick up the titles I’m entering for each page. When the user switches between languages, the page buttons stays in the default language.

    Did you encounter the same problem and if you how were you able to resolve it?

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  5. Island Jim

    I am not sure if I am reitterating what has been asked and answered above, but i have edited the nav_menu.php as instructed above, and everything is working corectly, except the nav menu tabs do not display the german page titles. I am very confused and don’t know what to do about it.

    I would really appreciate any help you might be able to provide. I can email you the nav_menu.php file if that is any help

    the site is
    please excuse the mess, it’s very much in it’s infancy.

    Thanks for reading

  6. Island Jim

    Thanks for the advice mate. The shortcode works perfectly.

    Running Wp 2.9.2, Thesis 1.6 and Qt 2.5.6

    Thanks for the help! Much appreciated. :)

  7. Nathalie

    I use WordPress 2.9.2., Thesis 1.7 and qtranslate 2.5.6.. I changed all the codes mentioned above, but still my navigation menu appears in the defeault language. Any suggestions?


  8. Nathalie

    I resolved the problem mentioned above. But still my mouseovers show something like this:
    [:en]Legislation[:nl]Wetgeving. How can I solve this?


  9. Jonas

    Superb solution.
    One additional problem with Thesis and qTranslate is that Thesis uses the slogan for the site as the H1 on the first page. This means that the first pages in all languages get the same H1. Is there a way to fix this? Just adding <!–:en–…… in the Slogan filed does not work.

  10. Jonas

    [:en]this is tagline[:fi]finnish tagline[:se]swedish tagline
    did the trick.

    Many thanks, Jonas

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