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Custom WordPress theme, including jQuery and other tweaks.
Custom online member subscription (per issue, by month etc, with payment services. Custom language integration.
Magazine issue template system (posts organised by Issue).

We are very pleased to announce that we have been chosen by the Publishers TD Media, to create the brand and look for the website for new Finnish Art & Design Magazine.

Project outline:

  • Brand image
  • Magazine layout for web
  • Magazine to handle 4 languages: FI, SE, FR & UK
  • Website design reflects issue theme (changes by what story you are reading, pertaining to which issue)
  • Automatic Author bio pages
  • Automatic Photographer bio pages

Also, to follow with the green outlook and for those that do not wish to subscribe to the magazine in print form:

  • Pay per view online reading: either by story, complete issue, or annually
  • Voucher based system, for subscription reduction and offers
  • Subscription for print and online, or just print, or just online (not implemented as yet)
  • Payment system: Credit-card or most Finnish banks
Work carried out:

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