Venice Biennale ’07

Boring-Group - Venice Biennale ’07

We are proud to announce the completion of Adel Abidins installation at the Venice Biennale. Please go and see the installation of his Travel agency “Abidin Travels” also there is a web version of his installation at Abidin Travels created and hosted by Boring-Group Oy.

Work included:

  • Consultation on Artists brief (creation of Artists vision)
  • Hardware creation
  • OS X scripting
  • Creating self-contained version for installation in-situ
  • Installing server & database in-situ
  • Creating automated printing of a real paper ticket after booking on the installation machine
  • Incorporating animation to show that ticket is printing
  • Installing on site in Venice
  • Also technical help leadership regarding other parts of installation TVs etc and cabling

Project installation (Venice) time: 1 week

Work carried out:

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