CMT NMA Concerts DVD boxset release

Boring-Group - CMT NMA Concerts DVD boxset release

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We are pleased to announce that the release party for the Centre for Music & Technology (CM&T), Sibelius Academy, project which included New Media concerts presented in a 6 DVD box set. Was a great success. We thank all the Artists involved for their co-operation. And also the projects Director Shinji Kanki.

Project included filming all concerts in minidv format normally shot by two cameras.

Creating DVD menus for all six dvds, including bios of both composers and musicians.
Encoding and editing material, working closely with producer to maintain constant quality of audio video.

Encoding 5.1 surround for one piece.

DVD inlay and disc face design and printing

DVD duplication of 6 DVD boxset

Project time over 4months, due to concert performance schedules etc.

Work carried out:

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