we are a creative group with dedication and passion for highly creative, innovative and design-based projects.

Our client-base spans the globe, we hope our portfolio shows our passion for digital creation. Our north of Helsinki based studio has created many online and offline projects over the years. Boring-Group will work with you, to ensure YOUR message is at the core of YOUR project.

We never lose sight of who we work for: you.
Boring-Group, is a company which is at the apex of the Boring team:

The Artist duo Tjader-Knight Inc. aka David Knight (UK) & Maria Tjäder (FIN) are the driving force behind the Boring Team. In their work TJADER-KNIGHT inc. breaks down the classical narrative and instead, presents an antiauthoritarian one with a stream of sounds, images and text devoid of any central point of view.

  • Maria Tjader

    Maria Tjäder (FIN)

    is a digital media professional, artist, writer and designer with an academic outlook through post-structural philosophy. Maria is currently working on her PhD thesis in the intersection of digital art and neurology. For leisure she enjoys stargazing, growing Japanese Acers & taming chicken. During the Spring ’10 Maria finished her venture as Editor – in – Chief of a new Finnish magazine of contemporary art and design Taide&Design. She is currently planning the next project, stay tuned..
  • David Knight

    David Knight (UK)

    Is the CEO of Boring-Group, currently he works primarily for the Boring-group team. He is a Sound Engineer; by trade, he holds a European Masters of Media Film Financing & Budgeting also Media Producing. He is also pushing forward with his PhD thesis based around design media technologies. For what spare time he gets, he is an avid landscape gardener, fisherman and life coach.

We are always on the look out for talented individuals, for the projects that we carry out. If you would like to be part of our team and you think ‘you are boring enough‘ please see our open call for jobs page